A New Revelation: “Jesus in Ethiopia”

By Jim Rankin

JESUS: IN ETHIOPIA…A mysterious island…guardian monks…exotic locations…the Ark of the Covenant…and one of the most revealing stories ever discovered about the early years of Jesus Christ, all come together in this intriguing true adventure. Jim Rankin takes you on an Indiana Jones-like exploration over deserts and mountains, through jungles and across a massive lake to a forbidden island to open an ancient treasury housing one of the most fascinating finds in history to the whereabouts of the young Jesus. From Jim’s encounter in the hills of Tennessee to his amazing adventures in the exotic mountains of Ethiopia, a hidden secret will finally be answered as you come to the edge of your seat for this true-to-life God led adventure. It’s a heart-pounding trek to a mysterious heavenly summit … This journey began in search of the lost Ark of the Covenant and turned into a revelation of biblical proportions. It’s an adventure in truth that takes you on a search through the Bible to track down the location of never-before-revealed information on the whereabouts of the Holy Family and the truth behind their exodus from Israel. Jim Rankin, a husband, father, pastor, business owner, speaker, author, and explorer has traveled around the globe in search of biblical truths to prove that the contents of the Scriptures are factual.